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Winston Sito Chmielinski

    Async Art /eɪˈsɪŋkɑːt/
    ▶ Programmable NFT marketplace & community

    Composable /kɒmpɒsʌb(ə)l/
    ▶ modular, basically

    Fractional /ˈfrak-shnəl/
    ▶ divided into parts

    Ethereum /i-ˈthir-ēəm/
    ▶ a blockchain featuring smart contract functionality

    ...haha sorry I tried.

Why pixel art? Because resolution is in the eye of the beholder; as a sovereign creator, I will always leave the final render to your imagination 👾

🔼This image updates in real-time, based on the layer-states🔼

🔽These are previews of all possible layer-states🔽

Composable Me (Part I: Spring) is the first in a series of three interactive, digital-first durational performance pieces deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain through Async Art as NFTs.

The art piece is fractionally owned and operated through asynchronous arrangement of layer-states (click to experiment). I am the avatar you see here, and how my composers equip me informs my creative approach and output.

If this is all really confusing, don’t worry, it’s a game you have to jump into to learn how to play 🤖

I am documenting this project on my Instagram, on Twitter, and through my Blog.It begins on MArch 15!