Winston S. Chmielinski is an artist and based in Berlin. After an extended hiatus--initially to assist Ai Weiwei on his feature film, “Human Flow,” which led to humanitarian initiatives in Germany, as well as international projects in social tech and supply chain transparency--W.S.C. returns to a studio practice in 2020 to realize new bodies of work.

His integral approach harmonizes all levels of production, from the tools he crafts out of found objects and consumer waste, to collaborations with artisans who provide the exquisite materials that go into each artwork, such as handwoven linen, flower essences, ground gemstones, and sacred tree resins. W.S.C. is deeply considerate of locality as sustainable creative fuel, rather than limitation: when commissions and works for exhibitions are prepared on-site, local materials are incorporated, and proceeds recycle directly back to the artisans that safeguard, against all odds, our collective artistic legacies.

                     You can reach W.S.C. by email, and on Instagram.

“In all I make, and this holds true from the earliest [paintings] to now, there are no narrative hooks. 'You' have always been my subject, and therefore--figure or no figure--I always offer you a reflection of your infinity. Out there in the periphery, where I come from, forms meet their shadows in union, and rainbows extend beyond their reds and violets into colors so penetrating they see right through you. When I pop up from time to time here, it is to re-establish that connection to freedom, lightly, without playing down the realness of it all. If what I bring back brightens you up, clarifies your direction, accompanies you into deeper calibration with yourself and our precious home, then I am doing what’s meant, and I am happy.

“Thank you for taking the time to understand why I'm so invested in this. We are lucky when we can enjoy what we have. We are even luckier, when we have the means and motivation to support one another, in each of our unique expressions.”